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The advantages of temporary work

Temporary agency work is primarily a specific form of employment for blue-collar (i.e. physical) staff, with 3 parties involved: the employee, the lender and the company that borrows the labour.

In all cases, the employee contracts with the company that hires him/her out, with the aim of working for the company that hires him/her out. It is important to note here that a worker can work for more than one borrowing firm.

For jobseekers and workers, this form of employment is advantageous because the temporary employment agency is in constant contact with you, if you have any questions or problems, and even helps you with any administrative procedures. 

Workers who can share their problems and questions with someone are more motivated and satisfied.

There are also financial benefits to working with a temporary employment agency. Because the wages of the temporary worker and the rental fee are a deductible cost.

Among other things, the temporary employment agency is responsible for recruiting, arranging medical examinations, arranging company bus travel and/or accommodation, paying wages and contributions, distributing pay slips and, of course, answering any questions you may have.

All in all, by hiring temporary workers you can reduce the time and money spent on recruitment. You can get a new employee on board faster and you don’t have to deal with the administrative burden of hiring a new employee.

D-N Jobs International Ltd. can be your professional partner. Because we have a trained central customer service and recruitment and coordinator colleagues with communicative, effective problem-solving skills. Thanks to our automated processes, our advanced IT background and our experienced team, we can provide your company with a reliable workforce at short notice. Whether you are a national or a foreign worker.

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