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– The temporary employment agency takes over the recruitment from the company, relieving the employees of the company from the burden of recruitment.

– The temporary employment agency takes over all the labour administration, payroll and payroll accounting for the temporary workers.

– There is also a financial advantage for the company that borrows the workers, as this cost can be accounted for as other expenses.

– Temporary agency work is a good solution if the headcount limit does not allow you to expand your workforce by hiring your own staff, but you need support.

– Temporary agency work is also a good solution for hiring seasonal workers or for longer-term replacement of staff due to sickness or childbirth.

– Temporary agency work is a flexible solution that makes it easier for in-house HR and labour departments.

Temporary agency work is a particular type of atypical employment. We call atypical employment any form of employment that deviates from the general rules of labour law. Temporary agency work is the most common of these.

– The worker: whoever best meets the needs of the hirer.

– The lending company: who recruits the worker, hires him/her and takes care of all the labour and financial administration once he/she is employed.

– The borrowing company: the company where the worker is employed.

In the case of temporary agency work, the worker signs a contract with the company that hires him/her out. The rights of the employee are jointly agreed between the lending and the borrowing company.

The lending company takes care of all the administration, tax returns, reporting, deductions and payments relating to the employment relationship. In addition, the lending company can also provide extra services to its partner, such as recruitment and selection support or HR and employment advice.

– The temporary employment agency provides ongoing support to the employee.

– The temporary employment agency can be contacted at any time with employment issues – even if the employee does not yet wish to inform the temporary employment agency.

– The temporary employment agency will help you to liaise with the hirer on employment matters.

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